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Some more detailed thoughts

I never thought Booth was dead. At first I thought it was a dream, and then, some sort of setup. Mostly becuase if DB was leaving the show, it would have been reported in the entertainment press, and I don't think I cold have avoided being spoiled in that case.

As for the Gormogon, last year, I thought it was Sweets, mostly due to reasons of opportunity for him to be the guy. Though now, I see those same opportunities applied to Zach. And also becuase I can't stand the guy, and getting rid of him would have mead em so happy! [g] Cut to last night. I start seeing all these reaction posts, so my thinking becomes, it can't be Sweets, no one would care that much. Or, it is Sweets and he killed one of the main cast members. So if he wasn't the apprentice, that left one of the mains, and it seemed like they would go with Zack or Hodgy. Zack seemed the most likely of the two. Why? Remember when Zach came back from Iraq and how devastating his experience there was exhuming the mass graves? To my mind, they never resolved those emotional issues -- till last night.

Upsetting, becuase I really liked Zach, but not totally out of left field for me. And damnit, Sweets is still around. Bah!
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