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The Bloodties Series Chronolgy

I get asked fairly frequently about what order to read the stories in my Bloodties series. And every time I type out an answer, I think I should make a permanent reference post. So here I am doing just that!

Overview: I stared writing these stories, which were initially Forever Knight, with Highlander being added to the mix a bit later, with a group of friends on IRC nearly twelve years ago. They were just for fun, and we never really thought about posting them. Somewhere along the way, we started sharing them with other friends, and one thing led to another, and they started being posted. We all had our own characters and we went in something of a round robin fashion. You had to let the others play with your characters, and deal with whatever happened to them in your next story (That's how Triona ended up as a hybrid vampire/immortal). Some of the pivotal ones, like the story introducing Methos to the series, or how Joe ended up a vampire, were never posted, but the incidents get referred to in following stories. These days, I'm the only one left writing in the series, other than an occasional offering by ninjababe, so I've done my best to try and organize some of the more dangling bits of canon in older stories, and clarify points in new stories.

The Star Trek Thing: How did we end up setting future stories in the ST universe? We were on IRC one night and someone wondered what would happen if a Borg tried to assimilate an Immortal. I'm not sure we ever settled on an answer to that question, but soon after I set a story during the WWIII period prior to First Contact, and just kept moving farther into the future. Many of the stories in the future don't even have ST characters, using the universe only as a framework.

So where to start? The first story, though I didn't know it at the time, is A Ghost of Winter's Past. This is the one that sets the stage for Methos and LaCroix's relationship, explaining how Methos became LaCroix's uncle. I usually suggest that people read The Last Time We First Met, and its sequel When Did Forever Die? as an overview. While they're set in the 24th century, they are what I call clip stories, and each has an interlinked series of flashbacks.

All the stories eventually end up on my archive, though I'm usually a few months behind. But my most recent fic is always over on the sidebar. I'll put a link to this post over on the sidebar as well.

The stories in chronological order:

Road to Marseille
Drink Up~by Ninjababe

Present Day
A Ghost of Winter's Past
In His Image
Upon a Winter's Night
Candle in the Window
Home for the Holidays
The Spaniard
Premonitions of Twilight
The End of the Beginning
Takasago’s Pines
My Soul Is Dark
Turning the Page
Sands of Eternity
To Capture a Memory
Misguided Angel
Lavender at Midnight
Dreaming of True Love's Kiss
I'll Be Home for Christmas

The Silent Stars Go By
Frog Song
Blood Ties
It's My Party
All Work and No Play
Not Without Loss
Cock-eyed Optimist

The 22nd Century On...
First Sunrise
Amongst the Stars
Make That Two Bottles
To the Victor Go the Spoils
Let Not Your Heart Be Tribbled
Family Business
Bajoran Holiday
The Long Road From Home
Ace in the Hole~by Ninjababe
Ancient Whispers
Moonshadow in Obsidian~by Ninjababe
The Last Time We First Met
When Did Forever Die?
Now We Are Met Again
You Wore Green
Fathers Christmas
A View From the Storm
Broken Window
Should the Dawn Return
The Edge of the Nest
I Remember You Not Fondly
No Half Measures
Wrapped Around Her Finger

The 29th Century
Twilight Bled to Black
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