Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


The lemon pudding I made yesterday was so yummy! But I was good and saved some to eat today [g]

In the 'what should I write next' poll, there's a tie between another Queen of Swords fic, and a follow up to 'He's a Pirate'. May have to write both at once. Nin works till midnight, so I'll probably watch some QoS eps to get the voices going again, and see if I can get a start. Though I'm really inclined to take a stab at writing that Methos meets Tony Stark ficlet.

And now, a random thought on last night's Doctor Who...

Opening scene and I say to Nin, "You know what I really want now? The Doctor meets Jeeves and Wooster! Can you imagine Jeeves as the Doctor's companion? Wouldn't that rock?"

Now if only someone would write it! [looks around hopefully]

And I really want all the dresses, shoes and jewelry from that episode. Serious want!
Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms, doctor who, fic rambles

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