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I made ninjababe Welsh Rarebit for her pre-work meal, then sent her off to work. I then made a big honking batch of macaroni and cheese -- w/extra cheese, of course! Spit out out to five loaf pans, and while waiting for it cool, divided up the Carne Asada I made yesterday. Got nine portions out of that, and they are all nestled in the freezer, followed by the mac and cheese containers. I then got my yogurt ready for tomorrow. Blackberry and peach this time. I mushed the peaches in the food processor, and used the muddler on the blackberries. I've loaded the dishwasher twice, but leaving a few of the pots for Nin to wash tomorrow.

I really have the urge to watch Forever Knight. Like powerfully so [g] I may give in and watch a few, though I'm not sure which ones. Fate Worse Than Death most likely, maybe A More Permanent Hell, and Fever. And I need to work on 'Fondly'.
Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms, forever knight, now about me

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