Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Back to the Dentist

Well, the endodontist actually. This time, to have my bite adjusted to see if that helps at all. Another 1pm appointment. That seems to be my permanent slot.

Still no sun today.

ninjababe wants to go see Iron Man tonight. Don't suppose it can be worse than that robot car movie she made me go to last year [g]

But best thing about tonight? New Grey's! And an added dash of excitement, because subtext is becoming canon... What am I talking about? Well, Cally and Hahn have had the sweetest friendship going and I've thought it's just been brimming with subtext. Last week, turns out I was right. Hahn has a thing for Cally! This makes me happy. I like f/f, though I know I'm in a very small minority in amongst all you m/m fans. But now I have a pairing I can so see! After years of being baffled by the attraction of D/M or McShep, I get to baffle others. Kewl!
Tags: grey's anatomy, movies, now about me
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