Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Bits & Pieces

Still incredibly bummed that Men in Trees has been canceled.

Nin only works till 7pm tonight, and is home most evenings this week, so I'm hoping we can catch up with the backlog of TV. We're two to three weeks behind on BSG, Doctor Who, Womens Murder Club, Moonlight, SPN. Tonight, new House, Bones, and How I Met Your Mother + Dancing with the Stars.

And did you hear that Highlander is going to be rerun on SciFi, along with STNG? This according to Variety.

My wine collection either needs to be drunk faster, or I'm seriously going to have to look at getting more wine storage thingies. Even considering a wine cooler! speaking of wine, one of the discoveries this weekend, wine from Montoya Vineyards. They're located in the Paso Robles area, on the edge of Monterey County. Doubly amusing since that the area I placed Santa Elena. tequilajen and I had a giggle over it!

Tonight's dinner: fresh sourdough, brie and roasted garlic. What we didn't eat from the snack I bought for company this weekend.
Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms, highlander, tv stuff

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