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Yep, finally switched back to a Methos default icon. Doing a quick pass across the internet before company shows up in an hour after they check out of their motel. Cat is being very needy!

We had a lovely time yesterday. Can't believe this has been going on right in our own backyard and we never knew about it! We made it to five wineries, starting out with San Saba, where we were the first to arrive. They had food with each tasting station. Lots of good stuff, but my favourite was the slices of baguette with the bowls of roasted garlic at each one [g] Then we went to Hahn/Smith & Hook, which had a killer view, and lots of good wine to try. Then we hit Parasio, and there they had two lovely dogs hanging out that I got to pet. And Jen spilled a half glass of wine on my new slacks [g] Thankfully, it turns out Rose on cinnamon cloth doesn't stain! Then we went to Ventana, where there new Temparillo wine induced me to join their wine club. I'm going to drop the Bonny Doon one, because I can't do three of them! Ventana had the most rustic setup, least fancy setup, but we had a blast, and the food was awesome. Then we went to one more winery, and back to San Saba to pickup tequilajen's two cases of wine, which was the whole point of the trip!

Back in Monterey, we walked up to the sushi place that opened a few months back, and had a great diner. I had made a reservation and had told the owner I was bringing friends from out of town. As we were leaving, he met us at the door, and had my name on a tiny slip of paper. He asked if I was Denise and when I said yes, there was much bowing back and forth. He was so tickled I would bring guests to his restaurant, he was practically bouncing. I'm supposed to always make sure I give them my name when I come back in the future because he says from now on, he will make all my food personally. Isn't that sweet?

Came back and watched a few Queen of Swords episodes, then went to bed. Today, Nin has to work, so we'll take her to Black Bear Diner for her meal before work, and then I think I'm taking them to Cannery Row again to use my free wine tasting.

Have some photos from yesterday that we'll try and get up later.
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