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My Friday

We leave in the morning for Fremont to pick up tequilajen and Dave, and then it's off to the Sierra and eventually, Virginia City. What's funny is that Ghost Hunters last night had a case in VC! Only thing that would have been funnier is if it had been our hotel -- which is reputed to have something like three ghosts -- but it wasn't. Sparrow's going to hate us. I hate leaving her alone for two nights, but I'll make it up to her when we come home. Will probably send a few twitters to Twitter over the course of the weekend, so you can check me out there if you really miss me.

Apologies to those waiting for another part of "I Remember You Not Fondly". I thought I'd get another part posted, but it isn't to be. And I know I keep saying I'm close the last part, but they just won't shut up! Even Duncan is prattling at me now. I'm not sure I appreciate that [g] But will work on it when I get home -- cross my heart.

Let's see, I need to pack, clean the kitty box, make dinner, and something else I can't remember. Hopefully it will come to me.
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