Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Not Like Last Weekend

Last weekend was gorgeous, but this weekend, winter's back. It's cold and windy and the furnace is on. Nin works today, so I'm puttering. Probably stuff I should be doing, but not feeling very motivated. We'll be out of town next weekend, so I really should get some stuff done.

Haven't decided if I want to keep the new haircut I decided to do a longer cut this time, since my hair was at shoulder length. But the new cut needs my bangs to grow out some more, and I HATE hair around my eyes. But Maryanna said if I want to go back to my usual short short cut, to come back in two weeks and she'll recut it for me at no charge. I've been getting my hair done at her shop for more than twenty years now, and that's part of why.

Donated a coffee care pack via Soldiers' Angels this morning. They have a bunch of donated coffee they're trying to get shipped out before it goes bad, so I decided to help send some.

I think I'll at least get the kitchen cleaned, and start on this week's batch of yogurt. Maybe try and do a little more writing after that. Though eating something might be a good idea as well!
Tags: now about me

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