Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Another Saturday

We got our hair cut, and it's a very nice change. Came home, then Nin went out and picked up sushi which we added to the miso and sake we already had. Watched John Adams Part 4 while we ate, and just finished up with Doctor Who. We'll do laundry later, so getting all the sorting done now. Trying to decide if we should watch BSG or a movie. Decisions, decisions. Had the oddest dream last night that LaCroix, Methos and Triona got transported through time to ancient Rome and weren't vampires or immortals anymore. That may have to be turned into fic! Oh, hey, maybe we should watch the rest of Rome S1. Have one episode left.

Okay, have to give the 'puter back to Nin now.
Tags: now about me

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