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A Procrastination List

I'm supposed to call an endontist per my new dentist to see why I've had pain in one tooth for three years. But I just keep looking at the referral note.

I've hit a wall on my fic. I know where it ends up, but can't seem to get there.

My blog continues to languish even though I received a lovely write up as one of the 'Blogosphere's very best of the distaff persuasion'. I just can't seem to write current events 'non fiction' types of things when I'm writing fiction. My brain seems to work on an either or sort of setting .

Can't seem to find a new fandom to rival my old ones. Is it they just don't make shows like they used to, or is it that I'm getting old and am in a rut? Or is it the people? Sometimes I think that may be it. I think enjoyment of a fandom is as much fellow fans that touch you as it is the show itself. I know, I know, when I started we banged rocks together and walked five miles in the snow :)

Don't mind me, I'm just feeling maudlin tonight.

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