Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


My goodness!! Saturdays are usually dead on LJ, and I start looking over my f'list and it's exploded! Figures.

Not here long, getting my hair cut today -- so is Nin, we have 3pm and 345pm -- which means we're driving over to Carmel later. Need to go shower and eat and all that stuff.

Nin's going to set up Twitter on my cell phone. This could be dangerous! I may have to try making a twitter when I'm getting my hair cut [g] Or while I'm waiting for Nin to get hers done.

Posted a new story part last night and was thrilled to see I got two comments! I never really expect feedback when I'm silly and post at midnight on a Friday. So seeing some comments in the box was happy making :)
Tags: now about me

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