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The Modern Prometheus discussion has broken into the top three for number of comments. It's at 67 97 so far. 'Finale' is number one two with 88 comments, and 'Till Death' is number two three at 74.

That being said, I think this will be another one episode week. I don't think my brain can handle another ep discussion this week! Besides the discussion here, I'm following at least three other posts on the topic on other LJs. The fact MP was in my dreams last night seems as good a sign as any to wait till next week for anything new! :) So look for 'Indiscretions' 'Archangel' next week instead of the usual Wednesday -- if that's okay with everyone?

Also, at some point over the next few weeks, I'll put up a season one poll to see what episodes will be in the next round.

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