Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


Wow, I went to bed just after 10pm last night. We were watching Star Wars, we needed to do laundry, but I just crashed. Nin told me to go to bed and we'd do laundry when she gets home from work tonight. So I ended up sleeping till 9am.

Apparently Highlander S1 is up on Hulu, for those of you who haven't ever seen Highlander and would like to check out out. Or people like me who haven't seen the episodes since they first aired more or less.

It's going to be warm again today! I think we actually cracked 76 yesterday. If I'm feeling motivated, I'll wash off the patio furniture. Also need to water all the plants.

Every time I open iTunes and look for my folder, I go past it. I'm looking for 'Ith', but Nin has it set as 'Denise'. It's sad when you don't remember your actual name. And amusing.

Well, Nin's up now (for those new folks on my f'list, that's ninjababe my heterosexual life partner and House Elf [g]) so I must relinquish the computer till she goes to work.
Tags: ninjababe, now about me, random

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