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Just to let you all know, cus I know you were wondering [g], the cat bathing was a success! Now I can have Sparrow on my lap with out thinking of stinky tribbles! On the weather front, the sun's out! Wooo! On the LJ front, I've noticed people tend to post more on Sunday as opposed to Saturday. Just a random observation there. And I'm actually getting emailed comments on 'Let Not Your Heart Be Tribbled' That doesn't happen so much anymore, so I'm surprised and happy. Still need to come up with an icon that has Duncan holding a tribble. Nin said she'd try and make me one, so maybe!

I did get a little writing done on my current fic. I think it's going to be titled 'Takasago's Pines'. Remember I was reading all that Japanese death poetry? Well, that's a line from one of them, and it sort of took over the story. I had the general framework set, but that poem just took over the mood and emotion of what I was writing. Of course it also meant that Triona needed to know Japanese. Who knew? I certainly didn't, even after nearly ten years of writing her. But now I do [g] And of course, I had to know why she spoke the langauge too, so now I know much more about her than I did a few weeks ago.

Speaking of Japan, we finally saw 'Memoirs of a Geisha' last night. I need to reread the book now. It looked lovely, and I adore Ken Watanabe, but as with many book to movie adaptions, it lost something in the translation.

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