Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

It's a Miracle!

Apparently I just won a million dollars in the Malaysia lottery! Hey the news was in an email from the director of the lottery herself, so it must be true, right? Yeah.

So I was up way earlier than I needed to be. Guess what today would have been before they screwed with DST? Yep. and guess what my DVD Recorder is programmed to do on this day? And guess what clock I looked at when I decided what time it was to get up?

And it only took me another hour after I was up to figure it out. Go me!

Oh well, I have a lot of cooking to do today, so it's probably a good thing. Nin found some rhubarb in the store that was actually nice (very rare here), so she bought it so I could make a pie, and stew some down. It'll be nice in yogurt. And she requested Bonnie Prince Charlie Chicken for dinner.
Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms, you don't say?

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