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Sat. Stuff

It's foggy again today [sigh] I hate Monterey weather [grumble] Just watch, once I move to Utah, I'll be whining about the incessant sun and how freakin' hot it is :)

I'd forgotten how hard it is to get really glittery nail polish off, even if it's a very pale colour.

Need to bathe the cat today. Joy! But she's stinky.

Not that you can tell by the weather, but since it's nearly summer, I'm going to make tzatziki for dinner, so that means actually leaving apartment to go to the produce store for ingredients. I want to make homemade pita as well, but I don't think I'm feeling quite that motivated. Tomorrow I'll make a batch of pot beans to turn into Ranchero Beans later.

Once Nin wakes up, it's bath the cat, bath us after [g], go to store, set tzatziki to get happy, colour hair, and try and catch up on the stuff sitting on the DVR. We got behind last weekend since we watched Highlander instead. Nin wants to go see X3 tomorrow, and I want to see if there's any new PotC stuff at Claire's and Hot Topic -- I read there is.

Oh, I tweaked the LJ last night. Went for a nautical theme, and added a background. Just little changes, but it makes it a wee bit more personal.

Thanks to everyone who's commented on my newest fic :) A nice non-stinky tribble to each of you!

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