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Turn On Your Heart Light

So there's been lots of hate going around lately. How about a little Friday Love? Is there someone you love? Someone who makes your day better? Who makes you laugh? Let's talk about that!

I'll start, shall I?

I've been in fandom a really long time, but it's been awhile since I've felt like a part of fandom, and I'd missed that feeling, so love and hugs to all of you here on LJ who welcomed me, friended me, read and commented on my fic, made me laugh, who shared their thoughts, who wrote wonderful stories to spark my imagination, and who let me squee! without looking at me like I'm weird (well, I am, but you knew that)

A special helping of strawberries and cream to my fellow PWFC members -- both those I've known for years, and those I've just met here on LJ -- who have been so great as I stick my toes back into the water after a two year hiatus. And to some really old Forever Knight friends, who I met ten years ago online and rediscovered here.

Oh? and the new fad that's going to sweep the LJ world? Forget hate comms -- Virtual Pet Rocks! I call mine 'Methos' and he has a lovely blue stripe [g]

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