Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Note To Self

Do remember to eat at some point during the day, and do make some of it protein so as not to suffer the raging low protein headache like you have right now!


And speaking of eating, I realize we haven't been to See's yet to get Chocolate Butter Cream Easter Eggs. I've had those every year as far back as I can remember, other than the years we lived in Canada. Must not miss a year! I don't eat a lot of candy, but I really love the butter cream eggs!

Anyone else watching Dancing With the Stars? Yeah, nothing to do with eating, but since when have my posts ever held to one theme? I'm looking forward to the women dancing tonight. Kristi Yamaguchi! I used to be a huge figure skating fan, so I'm really looking forward to her being one of the contestants this season.
Tags: no idea, tv stuff
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