Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Baking Day

I'd pretty much planned to just bake today, but I see that there's another exodus from LJ to IJ going on. So just a reminder of where me and my comms are over there...

My personal IJ

Highland Cross

Holby City Lounge

All Night Owl

But for now, this will remain my primary journal. But since it seems quite a few of my f'list are making the switch to IJ permanent, I am going to endeavor to cross post more. Till now, it's just been a fic backup for the most part, but I'll try and remember to put more 'other' content there as well from now on -- 'try' being the operative word :)

Now for the baking! I just put the loaf of chocolate cherry pecan bread down for its last rise, and while it's doing that, I'm going to make the pumpkin pie I promised ninjababe. It's not too much work since i had a pie crust leftover that I'd made over the holidays, so I'd tossed it in the freezer. So I just need to roll it out and make the filling.
Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms, lj stuff

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