Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Rain & Babies

Was woken up by rain just pounding down! And since we're on the first floor with another unit above us, it was all noise from outside the windows. I got up and turned on the furnace in case we lost power, but thankfully, we didn't. It must have stormed nearly an hour before settling down to more quiet rainfall. I finally fell asleep, and then ended up dreaming I was pregnant, and later, I had the babies (must have been twins!) It was one of those 'real' sorts of dreams, so when I woke up, there were those few seconds of confusion. Needless to say, I'm now incredibly depressed. I need to go find something happy inducing :)

But still on the bad news side, talked to my mum, and my father's middle sister had a stroke two days ago, and yesterday they took her off life support. They didn't expect her to live long after that. She's almost ten years younger than he is. He found out, not because his youngest sister called, but a mutual friend who wasn't sure anyone had told him. Lots of ridiculous family dynamics and crap I won't bore you with going on there. We haven't seen them since we left Canada. Neither of his sisters married (yeah, it seems to run in the family), so there are no cousins/nieces-nephews. Just me and my brother, and neither of us married or are ever likely to, and I'm almost too old to ever have a child -- so I guess I now know why I'm dreaming about babies!. And mum says father fell again, but still refuses to go to the doctor. She's frazzled, understandably. So the whole situation is sort of getting me into a mood. And of course, my brother's birthday is today. Not much of a happy one.


Okay, I'll go away now and try and come back in a better mood.
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