Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Remix Invite

Last week, the lovely and helpful keerawa provided a few sets of fic as examples of what remixes were -- me being dense and never having quite gotten the idea. Now it makes so much more sense! Sort of :) And they were all awesome stories as well, so a win win all around :)

Now that I 'get' it, I'm taking a page from her book, and offering an open invitation to remix my fic. The idea doesn't really scare me, since my Bloodties series universe was originally a multi-authour undertaking. We all had our own characters, and we had to let the other writers play with them. Sometimes they'd be returned undamaged, other times, not so much! So a remix can't be any worse, and it sounds like a fun concept. So have at it if you're feeling so inclined!

If you do remix a story of mine, just include a link to my original, and let me know so I can check it out.

My archive is here (it's a few months behind in being updated) but my most recent fic is always listed over in the sidebar, plus all the fic I've ever posted on LJ is in this entry.
Tags: random fic stuff

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