Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Highlander Friending Meme

Instead of the regularly scheduled mostly weekly Highlander episode discussion, I'm going to do something else Highlander related. In talking with Pat this morning, I realized I'd never participated/seen a Highlander friending meme. Obviously, there was only one option!

Below the cut, you'll find the nicely formatted questions in a table, so all you have to do is copy and paste it into the comments and supply your answers. You only need to reply to the questions you want to. Hopefully, we'll all meet some new people, or get to know people we've seen around in other people's comments a little better.

Please do spread the link for the meme around if you'd be so kind. The more, the merrier! We may be a small old classic fandom, but we can run with the biggest of the them!

<b>Where are you?:</b>
<b>Where would you like to be?:</b>
<b><u>Highlander Stuff</u></b>
<b>How long have you been a fan?:</b>
<b>Three eps you'd show to a new viewer?:</b>
<b>Ever been to a HL con or event?:</b>
<b>Favourite characters and/or pairings?:</b>
<b>Favourite episodes?:</b>
<b>Favourite quickening?:</b>
<b>Favourite flashback?:</b>

<b><u>Being Creative</u></b>
<b>Read/write fic or make vids?:</b>
<b>Rec a fic/vid you love:</b>
<b>Rec a fic/vid of your own:</b>
<b>Favourite writers/vidders?:</b>

<b><u>Alternate Fandom Stuff</u></b>
<b>Shows you watch which are still in production?:</b>
<b>Shows you loved that aren't on anymore?:</b>
<b>Other fandoms you are involved in?:</b>
<b>Some of your favourite characters and/or pairings?:</b>
<b>Anything else fannish you want to add?:</b>

<b><u>All About You!</u></b>
<b>Favourite actors/actresses?:</b>
<b>Favourite music?:</b>
<b>Favourite movies?:</b>
<b>Favourite books?:</b>
<b>Likes & Dislikes?:</b>
<b>What's your LJ about?:</b>
<b>Anything else to add?:</b>

Tags: friends, highlander
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