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Busy Wednesday morning! Last night, I started the 'ten songs to drive fast to' meme -- my list is here. And the 'be anya2112's friend campaign' is off to a great start! Of course, she may poison my drink in Vegas, but I like to live dangerously! I see there's some more comments on the 'getting to know you' post, and I'll do my best to get to them today. And all this made me realize I've never seen a friending meme for the Highlander fandom. It might be fun to do.

Nin's working an extra long shift today, so she dropped me at work. It was nice not walking for once. And I remembered to remind pat_t to record Men in Trees (Peter next week!!) tonight and order my brother's birthday gifts so they get there on Friday! I feel all accomplished. Of course, with all the hubbub I realize I haven't made any tea yet, and it's nearly 9am! So now you know what I'm doing next! and yes, I'm very hyper this morning. No idea why. I'm sure I'll get over it in short order.

Tags: friends, highlander, no idea, sheep post

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