Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

This Could Be a Meme!

annasbeta asked in the comments here for a list of songs that you 'should not be allowed to drive a car to because you will drive too DAMN fast' Okay, she wanted five, but I was on a roll and went for ten [g]

Ruby Blue - Róisín Murphy
Kaboom - Ursula 1000
Cobrastyle - Teddybears STHLM & Mad Cobra
Two Hornpipes - PotC Dead Man's Chest
All Jacked Up - Gretchen Wilson
Tamacun - Rodrigo y Gabriela
When God Fearing Women Get the Blues - Martina McBride
Reels of Fire - Tempest
Rob Roy Reels - Capercaillie
Bulería de la cal - Son De La Frontera

Yes, my music tastes are a wee bit eclectic!

A bit later: I was curious, and went searching and found a YouTube video of Cobrastyle. Talk about out there!
Tags: music box

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