Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Grey's & MiT

First up. boy, I'm glad that the Grey's fic I write are crossovers!

This, from the benefit the Grey's cast did:

...The nonmusical interludes, with the cast reading fan fiction and fan letters. Sandra Oh killed with her melodramatic delivery during a werewolf ep, there was some 19th century English Lord George and Governess Izzie fanfic, and Eric Dane busted up the crowd with a "fan letter" begging for more McSteamy in less clothing ("Maybe the air conditioner could break?), which turned out to be written by Eric Dane.

And on the Men in Trees front:

It's true that MIT's ratings weren't so hot when it repremiered last Wednesday. But you have 10 more episodes to get the word out. Start telling your friends to watch! And don't worry about being left hanging. Creator Jenny Bicks said they've already shot two season finales: One, in the event that they are picked up for another year, and another, in the event that they're not. She assures us that both are very effective endings.

The complete thing here.
Tags: grey's anatomy, men in trees

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