Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Speaking of Established Relationships

The quietness of the internet is prompting rambling posts, it would seem. So here's one more.

My own personal fave 'established relationship' to write is actually not even a sexual one. It's a familial and friendship one. It's also the one I've been writing the longest. In fact, the very first story I actually publicly posted was this pairing -- Methos and LaCroix. I love writing these two! Two thousand odd years of history, starting with LaCroix when he was still mortal, a twelve year old boy, and his aunt's new husband, Methos. Their relationship is the foundation of all the relationships in the series I write. Though when I wrote that first story eleven years ago, I had no idea that Methos and LaCroix would still be such a big part of my fandom life! They've outlasted just about everyone else I might have fancied over the years -- I guess I have an established relationship with them! [g] And I still love writing them. They snark so nicely at each other. But beyond the snark, there's an understanding and an acceptance of each others natures that I never seem to tire of exploring.

What established relationships do you enjoy writing?
Tags: fic rambles, forever knight, highlander, lacroix, methos

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