Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Cool Beans

First off though, I think the internet is pining for the fjords or something. I'm on around two dozen email lists, and I had exactly one email this morning. What's with that? Add that to LJ being asleep, and it equals, where is everybody?

Okay, on to the cool beans. This month's theme on hl_recs is 'established relationship stories'. That's one of my favourite things in Highlander and Forever Knight fandom/fic! Probably why Robert and Gina are such favourites of mine. They really push that button for me. Granted, probably 99% of what will be recced will be D/M, which means the usual nothing for me to read, but maybe there's a teensy chance that a non D/M rec or two will show up! Hey, hope springs eternal [g] Yes, I know, I should know better. But I'm still in that happy first cup of tea mode!

Oh, look, one more email! Piffle.
Tags: highlander, lj stuff, random fic stuff

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