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Over the last few days, we've watched Atlantis, SPN, and Las Vegas. Last night, we decided on some more Rome, till I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I'd made Southwestern Chipotle Chicken tacos, and Nin had made a pitcher of margaritas, so sleepy was in the air.

While Nin was at work, I started on the Torchwood icons I promised. Yes, I did! Hopefully will finish the batch tonight.

Speaking of icons, ninjababe started an icon meme last night. I'm passing it on, since my icon would be the same scene from the same movie. If only she had put the DVD away. But, no, the pile on her side of the desk hasn't reached avalanche proportions yet, so she wouldn't have [g]

Take the DVD closest to your computer (Not in your computer, but nearest the computer)

Put it into your computer and press play in a program that can do screen grabs (or, use 'print screen' if needed).

At 10 minutes 25 seconds of the movie or first episode of the DVD, hit pause on the program. Make a screen grab of that moment.

Use that screen grab, and only that screen grab to make an icon.
Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms, icons, tv stuff

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