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For those of you reading 'I Remember You Not Fondly', I'm working on the next part (I know, I suck at getting parts out in a timely manner). There's only a few parts till I resolve the current state of affairs, so now my mind is working ahead to the end. But where to end it? I'm not sure if I should end it with the loose ends tied up, or extend it to include the repercussions and dealing with the damage. Or if that should be the start of a new story? I'm leaning towards making it a new story. It gives me a mental place to stop, and then a fresh start with a new story.

Any thoughts on the matter are welcome. After all, you're the ones who've been so patient and so supportive of the story along the way, even when I was way out of my comfort zone -- and I still am! I'm not sure it would have ever gotten written without your encouragement. So your feedback is most appreciated. This is your chance to give me your wish list, as it were :) Even if it's just something you want to make sure I include/touch on/resolve. Can't make any promises, but it gives me something to bounce ideas of off.
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