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Nin was home last night, so I didn't get to post after watching Torchwood. First, we watched last week's, since she hadn't seen it, then we watched 'Meat'. Another good ep! I'm rather scared that I'm actually enjoying this season so much, and that I still like all the characters.

Ianto stunning the guy on the forehead! I was torn between 'Damn!' and laughing. And the 'Pray they survive' line. Ianto Rambo or something there.

Rhys rocked!

Lovely UST between Gwen and Jack. Actually, all sorts of interesting dynamics between Jack, Gwen, and Rhys. And the team reaction to Jack giving in to Gwen about retconning Rhys was rather interesting as well. The cheeky part of me was thinking, when Jack was watching Gwen and Rhys kiss via the camera, that Jack was thinking 'Threesome!'. Sorry, had to share that [g]

Jack needs to give classes on flirting or something. Especially to poor Tosh.

The alien meat creature was just so creepy and sad. Ugh!! Like the roast at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe except much ickier with no humour, dark or otherwise.

We got to see the pterodactyl! YAY!
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