Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


Gah, my back is just killing me. Over a week, and it's just getting me down. Or at least, I'm blaming the pain for the reason I'm feeling so whiny and down today. Enough so that I'm now inflicting it on my f'list. Sorry 'bout that.

I need something happy inducing. Boy, do I ever!

Oh, side note, I'll start the season five Highlander episode discussions next week. In case you were wondering. Though you probably weren't. First up will be 'One Minute to Midnight', if you want to fire up the DVD player and rewatch it before then.

On the series title front, I was in the shower this morning, and 'Live to Tell' started playing in my head. No idea why, since I wake up to the classical music station. But it occurred to me that the lyrics to that song kind of fit, and it might make a good series title. Another addition to the list.
Tags: fic rambles, highlander discussion, no idea

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