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The Stream

Remember last week, I took notes from my viewing of the Horseman eps? Well, here's my stream of consciousness impressions. Imagine me talking to the TV and that pretty much captures my mood at the time.

Methos assuming the immie he felt was Mac. Dumb. and since I rag on C for that later on....

Why did Methos go to see Duncan?  Other than a  CPD to put him and C in the same place.

Geez Louise. Remember when that flashback started and you knew this wasn't going to be good?

Who knew blue paint could be a good look?

Joe: "What do you know about Cassandra?"

Duncan: "What do I know about Methos?"

Me: Gee, how about him saving you from the DQ when Alexa was dying?

Kronos is Mr Intensity.

Kronos trying to suck Methos back to the Dark side. Poor addict Methos. Kronos is jealous.

I have a Jimmy! Not a nice black one like Methos, but I have one. I have been tempted to paint it black though.

Okay, is it, or is it not canon that Darius became good by taking a 'light quickening'? If that's true, then why the double standard? Methos worked at changing, Darius just lucked out.

My take on the Jimmy scene was that Methos desperately wanted Duncan to understand, that what they'd been through together would be enough for Duncan to remember Methos was his friend, that he cared. But Duncan judged him and turned his back on him.

Anyone else remember when these first aired, how some Methos fans took his past quite badly? Basically wrote off the character after that.

Geez, Cassandra, do you have any skill with a sword, or do you rely solely on your spooky powers? [insert eye roll] Feeble tricks is right.

Methos knocking out C. The look on his face...  and then when he tosses her over the side. He's in one of his really baggy sweaters. I always wonder if that's intentional?

She doesn't even tell Duncan that Methos saved her life!

So calm, with Kronos' sword caressing his neck. Then he pulls out his ace in the hole -- the location of Silas and Caspian.  All that time as a Watcher came in handy.

Timing: Kronos and Methos spend days riding to find Silas, then days riding back, then they finally go to fetch Caspian. How come Duncan and Cassandra get to the asylum after they do? They only had to make one trip to Bucharest.

We ride! Everyone who uses that in RL now, raise your hand!

Immortals with amusing names through the ages.

Only took three tries! and still they get to Romania after the boys.

Silas playing his handmade flute was a nice touch.

I love the visual as the walk down the tunnel into the asylum.

"The dark man is here." And then Silas pats him on the head like he's a scared puppy.

Someone that looks like Kronos, not to mention his friends, and still you wander all alone down in the dungeons. It's like the silly people in horror movies who hear a noise in empty house with the power out and go to investigate.

Doesn't take much to make Silas happy.

Methos: bookworm

Methos: smart ass

By the time you get to the sub base, Methos looks older, darker, more careworn.

Never really thought of this before, but as they're walking down that long hall to the monkey room... do they go unarmed around each other? The ultimate trust between 'brothers'.

Okay, we're not even going to get into the open vial of really nasty disease just sitting there in a pretty crystal box of liquid nitrogen.

Not quite the Knights of the Round Table.

Don't listen to her, Duncan! Come on!

Silas, Methos, and the monkeys. what a wonderful scene. Nice collarbone. (sorry, had to have a girly moment there) That puts a whole other spin on 'live, grow stronger'.

Don't listen to her, Duncan!

The old problem with my credit card ploy. I'll be right back! Many hours from now.... It's a long walk to the front desk.

He didn't lie to you, he just didn't give you his life story!

Kronos is jealous again.

I still think that the reason she still hates him so much, is that he let Kronos take her without lifting a finger. Stockholm Syndrome or no, she did love him. Methos was right when he told her she forgot what he was.

ARGH! He's been gone forever, you know Kronos and his merry band are on the loose, and she just opens the door! Without her sword in her hand [shakes head]

Who's outthinking who? Kronos or Methos? Does he know that he knows that he knows...? Heh.

Buh bye, Caspian

Cassandra is in denial. Methos the ever practical survivor. He thinks Mac is dead, so he's rethinking his game plan. is it plan C, D, or E?

Methos' expression as he stands behind Kronos. You can see the wheels turning.

The almost hyperventilation before he turns on Silas. Again he saves Cassandra's life.

That moment when they all look at each other, and Duncan finally gets it.

The whole fight sequence is just excellent. And the setting -- very atmospheric and gothic.

It's Slinky! It's Slinky!

Poor Methos :(

I remember when it first aired, what Methos said wasn't entirely clear. One of the favourites: I liked salad [g]

So how much time passed between the sub base and the cemetery? A meeting on Holy Ground. I've often wondered what happened right after C walked away. Other than figuring Methos got rid of the pathogen. and how much time between that and Forgive Us Our Trespasses?

A frightening example of the inner workings of my teeny brain, no?

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