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Here We Are Again

ninjababe just left for work, so I'm all by my lonesome till midnight. Of course, I better be in bed long before that!

I love, love, love, the soundtracks to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! how I would love to see a tango, or something similar set to the end sword fight music from CotBP. It would an absolutely perfect dance.

I caved and entered the feedback meme thingie.

Seriously thinking of writing another 'Emily' story. The series seems to be on my brain lately. Though kind of silly when hardly anyone has read the last one. But I have this mental scene of Emily running into Duncan in Singapore around 2053, and I just want to write it! I should probably clean the kitchen first.

Speaking of the Emily series, damn it, I need a series title! I thought I'd have come up with something by now, but I haven't. If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them on!

So, read more of Atonement, write, or watch a movie? And if a movie, which one? Hmmmm....
Tags: music box, no idea, now about me, pirates of the caribbean

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