Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Old But Good File

I was going back through the archives of my old personal blog, looking for a link to a magazine article that mentioned my great grandmother, and I found this along the way. From way back in 2003. It's pointless amusement :)

Some of the results I got from plugging in Methos below the curtain.

methos is doomed
methos is a scholar
methos is drinking misu soup in a bar
methos is rusty and nearly loses his head
methos is a man who has looked at himself and noticed that the magic is very tarnished indeed
methos is called when a listener is registered with this class
methos is afraid to get too close to the highlander
methos is lovely flirting
methos is wearing an oversized sweater
methos is still in the watchers
methos is more then just a coy joker
methos is stalked by an original feline character who gets very protective when methos is threatened by something else
methos is in a bad mood
methos is about to walk forwards
methos is no more blind than macleod or joe to the fact that the mike who shows up late for rehearsal is a shambolic copy of the
methos is a 5
methos is afraid to want

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