Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


I wonder when they added this? I just discovered if you hover over an LJ cut, the options menu bar appears.


Had to stay home today. Back is totally wrecked along with some other problems I'm having that are too TMI to mention [sigh]

Turns out the DVR didn't record Moonlight. Blast!

Am I misremembering, or is Torchwood supposed to start at some point this month? Kinda sad how few new episodes of my favourite shows are left. I was watching Grey's and realized there were only three episodes left, if that. I may have to sign up for Netflix.

Later: I think the hover menu bar isn't LJ, it's the Livejournal Add Ons Firefox plugin I use. Yet another awesome feature! I love this particular plugin!
Tags: lj stuff, tv stuff
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