Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


More Richie racing scenes!! Time had blocked out the memory of even more in the episode after 'Methos' -- Take Back the Night -- [sigh]. But if I recall, this is it! Richie 'dies', racing goes away. Right?

Later: Duncan! He's driving by, in a car, feels another Immortal, and has to stop, get out, and go looking!

This is one of my favourite eps. If Cassandra had been more like Ceridywn... Oh well.

Cool torque! I have a reproduction of a torque found in a dig in France, and a bracelet. The bracelet I don't wear so much since it could be a weapon -- I've snagged more than one article of clothing wearing it. It's two horse heads, hinged together in bronze, and the manes are sharp and pointy!

Stayed in Flora MacDonald's cottage on Skye. Best food I've ever had. And the setting...!
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