Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Dud & Stuff

So I need to go back to Verizon again, as this phone is a dud too. I was just too tired and hurty to do it tonight.

After tonight, Nin's back on night shift, so I'll try and get more writing done. Just not sure if it'll be another part to 'Fondly' or new QoS fic. I'm leaning towards 'Fondly' so I can get it finished!

American Idol starts tonight, which I didn't realize till this afternoon. Yay! for yummy Simon snark!

Caught up on Grey's and Ugly Betty last night, but need to see what else we missed. Did I see that there was another Moonlight ep? I don't recall seeing it on the DVR, so I hope I didn't miss it! Need to watch 'Amazing Race' too before I'm accidentally spoiled!

Took mum and my bro to see 'Enchanted' Sunday night. They both really enjoyed it. And it was fun seeing it again for us too!

Got a lovely pair of Hopi earrings from the gallery we visit each time we're in Utah. If anyone's interested in doing Zion park before or after Vegas, I'll take you. It's on the way there. Actually, anyone who's interested in doing Zion around the Vegas con let me know. Happy to play tour guide or to rec inns and places to eat. Unfortunately, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon will be closed for the winter by the time the con rolls around, so I can't take you there.

Hungry! Waiting for Nin to get back from the grocery store so I can make dinner.
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