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I'm on my brother's slower than molasses in January dial up, but I was in withdrawl and needed to check in! Read the comments on the last post, but replying would take the rest of myvacation days considering the speed, or lack of in this case. Very amusing!! The 'Ninja Slave', or as I call her, my House Elf, is upstairs somewhere. She might even be getting out of her PJs and getting dressed! Finally [g]

Nothing terribly exciting to report. No snow, just rain and sun. We ended up not going to Vegas since mum didn't want to leave father alone for a whole day. Finally have picked a floor for my room, which entailed several trips to home stores to look at samples. The French door looks awesome, as does the new paint job (the space key on this keyboard doesn't always work!) We also got our new cell phones.

Won't even try to check the f'list on the dial up, so if there's anything I need to know, leavea comment, or email me at my yahoo address, which is edithna. Dejla, is there any new fic? Same question for Kate [g] I would dearly love something new to read!!

Hope everyone is well! It's great being here, but I really miss my internet, and hence, all of you! [HUGS]

Now we'll see how long this takes to actually post!

A bit later: I forgot! The registration opened for the PWFC Vegas thingie literally as I was getting ready to shut down the computer on Friday, and about five minutes before we lost power! I'm #4 and Nin's #5. I'm hoping the timing is a sign we get to actually go!

Okay, I need to get off this now as this is on the only phoneline in the house.

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