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03 January 2008 @ 07:31 pm
Me Too!  
jinxed_wood told me she wanted to hide behind the sofa while reading the last part of 'Fondly', and now I've read the part through, so do I! This probably sounds weird, but it's me, so.... When I read a story part I've written after I've posted it, it's different than when I read it as a Word doc with all the HTML formatting marks and such. It's like I'm seeing it with fresh eyes. Which is why I always go back and reread a story part on LJ after I've posted it. It puts me in a totally different emotional 'place' when I do that. I feel things I didn't necessarily allow myself to acknowledge during the writing process.

Yeah, I told you it was weird :)

As much as I angst over what I write, I'm kind of proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and writing this story. It's been emotionally tough, but it makes the result so much more gratifying. Yes, you get a double dose of weird tonight! It'll hold you over for the week I'm away.

In other news....

I love our UPS guy!! I have the same one at home as I do at work, and he's a sweetie. I ordered a gift in November, and its been back ordered for two months. Guess what? It shipped a few days ago. So I didn't want it sitting on my porch for a week while I was away. I talked to him at work today, and he said anything that's addressed to me, he'll bring to my office instead. What a guy!

I've been doing a little computer stuff, paying bills and what not, and cleaning up generally so I don't come back to a dirty apartment. No packing as of yet, but that's soon to come. And yes, I did eat some dinner: leftover Yorkshire pudding and gravy, actually.
I will call her George: Methosstrangevisitor7 on January 4th, 2008 04:59 am (UTC)
It is a great story - definitely gave me chills.

I don't think it's weird to reread your stories and feel that way. I always think my stories read differently after I post them, too. Not sure why but I like your reasoning. I do find things i hadn't noticed when I was writing them.
Plus I always seem to find more typos *hee*
dejladejla on January 4th, 2008 05:38 pm (UTC)
Great! I'm glad you were able to do so. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't. It's harder when it's a character you're so invested in.

Mom and I always had a traditional After-Christmas and After-thanksgiving breakfast... Stuffing, gravy, and potato salad.

Hey, nothing's better than my mom's potato salad.