Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Just Two Days...

and I'm on vacation! Yay! Can't wait to see my mum, and the kitties, and the dog. Got everyones presents wrapped yesterday as well, so we're close to being set, other than packing. And I still need to make a hotel reservation for Vegas next week. It was very cool to discover there's now a Sheraton there! I hate spending money on a hotel that I don't get any points from, so I always try to stay at a Starwood or Hilton property. Turns out the Sheraton/Hard Rock is what used to be the Aladdin, which is the one with the shopping mall, which is the one we wanted to stay at to begin with!

Our belated Xmas dinner last night was a good one, lovely bit of beef it was.

It's still pretty quiet at work today, which is fine because I'm sleepy. Started coughing again last night, and when I wasn't coughing, I could hear Nin coughing in her room.
Tags: family, travel

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