Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

2008 Begins

We had a fun little celebration last night that included doing laundry. Needed to get all the linens and towels washed before we leave Friday. I made some Japanese food, we drank a bottle sake, watched some episodes of Rome, then switched to TV before midnight and opened a bottle of champagne and ate some fresh bread and cheese along with it. Figured that much alcohol without food would be a bad idea. Then we put fresh sheets on the beds and watched some more Rome. It's been kind of funny, since we just watched all the Journeyman eps we had on the DVR, there was around 8 of them, and then switching to Rome.

Now we're watching the Rose Parade, and I'm going to make some French Toast. And then, CHRISTMAS DINNER!! Yes, today we have the dinner I was too sick to make last week. We'll probably watch some of the Rose Bowl and more Rome at some point. If I have time, I might try and write a short story I've had rattling in my head. Cassandra meeting up with Triona a few centuries after their last encounter. And Janette is in it too. I've been wanting to write a story with Janette in it for a while.

Oh, and want to see how much fun doing laundry is? You might want to check out this photo Nin put up from last night.

And don't forget to drop by the 2007 Unsung Party! There's a hosted bar and snacks!
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