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2007 Year in Fic Recap

I'd forgotten I started the New Year with a PWP I finished off for medie's 'Porning in the New Year' challenge! The Spaniard was that particular story.

As for the rest of the year...

Stories, Ficlets, and Drabbles

The Silent Stars Go By was my Christmas story for the year. I'd started it in December, but didn't get it done till the New Year. This was another of my stories set during WWIII, a time period in the series I actually enjoy writing in.

Refuge I & II, a pair of connected drabbles featuring Methos, and a stray kitten.

Family Business [hangs head] One the three WIPS this year. I only have one more part to go to! This is set on Kirk's Enterprise during the episode 'Journey to Babel' and deals with Spock and Sarek. I really need to finish this one off.

Wrapped Around Her Finger is one of the several Lucia stories I wrote this year. Lucia is my 'original female child' [g] Though she seems to have grown up!

By My Side, You'll Never Be is the story I wrote for the 'Dan Clifford is Methos' challenge. I really enjoyed writing this one, and became quite fond Annabeth as I got to know her.

Don't you Dare Laugh! I & II, a set of drabbles with Methos and the aforementioned Annabeth, where she describes the circumstances of her first Death.

The Final Word You Ever Uttered To Me Was Love which is the only Grey's Anatomy/Highlander story I wrote this year. Don't worry, I haven't ditched the series, it's just on the back burner for a bit!

The Memory of This, number two on the WIP hit list. This is a sequel to 'By My Side, You'll Never Be'.

I Remember You Not Fondly, number three, with a bullet, on my WIP list. This story was way outside my comfort zone, and I got to a certain point, and my muse sort of ran away in fear and hasn't come back. I finally have some idea of where this is all going to end up, and there really only are a few more parts needed to finish. I'm really proud of this one, I just need to get my act together. I posted parts of this up through September.

Simple Pleasures, a drabble featuring Methos, of course! Another one of my 'Het or Slash, Readers Choice' drabbles.

You Wore Green, a ficlet. I enjoy writing vignettes from little moments the characters share. This was one of those. I liked Triona telling Methos, that when she first met him, she thought he might have been an encyclopedia salesman!

The Edge of the Nest, which was another Lucia story, and something that started a new trend for me -- stories featuring a lot of Duncan MacLeod. This one I liked, Duncan being confidant and godfather to a teenage Lucia. It had some nice moments.

Amongst the Stars, Make That Two Bottles, To the Victor Go the Spoils, Just Desserts. Ah yes, the 'fluffy summer serial'! The first story started as a drabble, and it grew. The basic premise was Duncan and Methos sitting around a camp fire, drinking and reminiscing. After the first one, I wrote a sequel, and then it became a story about Duncan and Methos trying to win a bet. It was also the first time in ten years I'd written Connor MacLeod, which was fun. and it was also the first time we got to 'meet' Jacob Tanimura, who has been mentioned in passing before, but never 'on camera'. He'll be playing a pivotal role in 'I Remember You Not Fondly'.

One Day marks the second appearance of Jack Sparrow in my fic, and it's also the story that probably made me cry the most this year.

Silver Service, the inadvertent Halloween story! It was supposed to be my Secret Santa fic, but it didn't work for the intended purpose. This story even surprised me on how weird my brain can get. and I'd like to think I'm the first person to ever cross Highlander with The Twilight Zone!

Ancient Whispers, though not a new story, was one I did some rewrites on and reposted. Probably one of my personal favourites of the fic I've written over the years. The majority of this one takes place in ancient Rome.

Ode To a Cane is the only House M.D fic I've written, even if it just a drabble.

To Follow the West Wind: Santa Elena Welcomes You, is something new for me! A major story that has nothing to do with Highlander of Forever Knight. This is Queen of Swords based fic, and I'm enjoying the heck out of writing it. Sometimes it's good to go somewhere fresh.

Dreaming of True Love's Kiss is a silly little ficlet I wrote after seeing 'Enchanted'. Somehow, Prince Edward and Duncan seemed to go together [g]

I'll Be Home For Christmas, my Xmas fic for this year. I really loved some of the lines in this one. The red and green tapas particularly.

Life is Short, which will probably be the last story for the year. This was the one I wrote for the Secret Santa exchange. On the road with Amanda and Methos in the California desert.

DVD Commentarys

By My Side, You'll Never Be

Takasago's Pines

Should the Dawn Return

For some reason, I thought I hadn't written as much as last year, but I guess I wrote more than I thought I did! Quite a bit more, actually.
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