Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Making a List

Got the dining room table cleared off, got all the boxes and bottles to the dumpster, cleaned out cat litter box, cleaned kitchen, generally tidied up, posted all remaining parts of QoS fic to IJ, caught up on IJ f'list, made a post to all_night_owl after months of abandonment, called my brother.

Left to do: order cat food, wrap Nin's Xmas gift, eat something.

To do later? God, I'm actually thinking of writing more. Make it stop! And the joints in my right hand really hurt. Especially the thumb and finger next to it. I'm assuming it's some arthritis thing. It's very damp and cold right now. Though I'm glad it isn't my left hand. But it really hurts to try and grip anything or use the trackball. /whine

Other than that, waiting for Nin to get home at midnight, if I stay awake that long.

Update 10pm! clicking reflexively, refreshing my f'list. Reading old fic. Thinking of going to bed. So sleepy. But brother said mum might call when she gets home from work, so should keep awake a bit longer.
Tags: now about me

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