Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

The Beginning...

of four days off! First time ever I've had Xmas Eve off along with Christmas!

I did some hauling of boxes to the dumpster, and cleaned the kitchen. Haven't made myself anything to eat yet though. Which I should probably do since all I've eaten today is a chocolate pop tart, two caramel squares, and a handful of almonds. Going to have poached eggses!

Finally, my name has appeared as a guess on Secret Santa!

And yes, I think there will be Xmas fic. Methos and Triona seem to get a holiday story most years, and during my utter boredom at work, a germ of an idea appeared. Anyone know anything about Helsinki? [g] j/k! We'll see if I'm still feeling motivated after I eat.
Tags: now about me

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