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Finish One Before Starting Another

I'm working on a fic currently, but out of nowhere comes the urge to write a story with Joe in it. A sequel to Broken Window. Now, I've written Joe before, just not 'vampire' Joe. When I first started writing this series, it was a shared universe I wrote in with half a dozen other people. Part of our 'agreement' was that each of us would abide by whatever story decisions any of the other of us made. So one of our authours had a story line where Joe, due to an accident, became a vampire. I wrote stories, and posted them, based on that premise, but she never actually finished the initial story -- figures! But by then, I was committed to that course, and Joe was a vampire. But I've still never written anything but a mortal Joe, only alluded to his condition in more recent stories, and used it as something for Methos to throw in Triona's face when things aren't good between them. But now I have the urge to remedy that. One more fic for the 'in progresss' pile!

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