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'To Follow the West Wind'

What follows is my Queen of Swords fic. The overall title is To Follow the West Wind, and my conception of it is something like a serial, with somewhat self-contained segments. I have approximately ten segments plotted out, though if all those get written, we’ll all be surprised!

'Santa Elena Welcomes You' is the first story in the series, 'To Follow the West Wind'. This first tale is set in the spring of 1818, with the stories that will follow taking place between 1818 and 1821,
when Mexico declares its independence from Spain.

All of the QoS characters will be featured, along with original characters – hey, it’s me, what else did you expect? I’m going to try and stick with the QoS canon as much as possible. The show is really historically inaccurate, so I'll do my best to blend what the show presented with the reality of Spanish Alta California. Try being the operative word!

One of the things I had to decide when starting this was where exactly the fictional Santa Elena was. My best guess, based on a few tidbits gleaned from the series, is somewhere between Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo. Any descriptions of the landscape, flora and fauna, etc., are based on what it actually looks like here, not what it looked like where the show was filmed in Spain posing as California.
As a native of this beautiful part of the state, I hope I'm able to bring a little taste of my home, and Tessa's, to the reader.

A brief synopsis of Queen of Swords can be found here.

I hope you enjoy the story!

Part One of Santa Elena Welcome You
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