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It seems so much later!! Did I mention I have to have a root canal tomorrow (the first of two)? I have two Valium tablets, and need to get a third from the endodontist when I get there. They don't use nitrous there, which has me concerned, since I'm nit sure the Valium will be enough. But I'm trying not to think about it. It's an hour's drive away. The only endodontist on our crappy insurance. Wish me luck and no anxiety attacks.

Jen and Dave came down yesterday. They took us out for Nin's birthday, so Nin picked the Crown and Anchor for dinner. Yay for Sticky Toffee Pudding! Also hit the British import store and got Crackers, Christmas pudding, and Mince pies. It was Christmas at the Adobes night, which I've always wanted to do, but no one else was up for it, so I settled for buying a 19th century Californio cookbook at the Cooper Molera Adobe store, and dragging them all to my favourite walled garden behind Portola Plaza.

Good news! Nin was able to trade with a coworker for Xmas Eve! Now both of them can have two days off in a row, so he was eager to trade for that, since neither of them had a two day off segment. Maybe they should let the employees write the schedule, huh?

And last, guess what? I've written the first page of the QoS fic!
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