Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

My Affluent Candy

I received my Fandango at Sonoma CD today, and am currently listening to it (it's lovely). I did a search for the lyrics of a few of the vocals, and since my meager Spanish isn't up to that sort of translation, I ran them through babel fish -- the results are freakin' hilarious!

For example, this from 'El Amor Mariposa':

It is the love butterfly that when coming out of
the sun extends its white wings and flies of flower in flower is the
love a gilguero that looks for its new pleasure and mand asus sweet
songs to first that it sees For that reason brown mia when I saw you
leaves queria you with frenesi and if my black says what I know sides
to me, sides that happy we are going to be, we are going to be

Errrr..... okay.

And the song I initially was searching for, Alma Angelina:

The sky inspiration you have the charming name In
your soul put God all the grace and the candor Your laughter of angel
that cheers my life That forgets me that the pain exists As one
ensonacion in existing you arrived to me your As a light ray (sun) you
arrived at my broadcasting love As a dawn al to wake up beautiful
aurora As a light ray (sun) you arrived at my, my affluent candy (Like
a light ray that God me envio in you, woman)

Affluent candy?!?! [!dies!]
Tags: music box

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