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All you Duncan fans will be happy to know that I'm being a good girl, and working my through season three from the beginning! (season three because that's the earliest season I own). I may take a slight detour later to watch CAH & R6:8 tonight since they're up for discussion tomorrow. I'm up to They Also Serve, and recalling that this was a favourite of mine, I just couldn't remember the title. I'm really bad at remembering ep titles and character names. I get my boss all confused when I'm talking about Lost since I mix up two sets of characters constantly!

I'm working on a new story, going backwards in the series time line from the stories I've written lately. This one actually takes place during Forgive Us Our Trespasses. I've never placed a story during an HL episode, but after trying it for the first time with Shattered, placing a flashback during Ashes to Ashes, I felt a little more confident about trying it again. We'll see how it goes. I initially thought this was going to be a flashback set in the sequel to Shattered, but it seemed to work better as a standalone story, so I went with it. I've finished one section, but it may be a bit too angsty -- even for me! But that's what rewrites are for, after all.

How about Fic FAQ? Since lots of new people have been reading my fic since I started posting here, (Yay! and Thank You!) I've gotten some questions. The most common one being 'how come Immies can have babies?' Answer: they can't, at least not the old fashioned way. Lucia was a scientific miracle. I got the idea from a Classic Trek novel, years ago when it wasn't Classic, it was just Star Trek [g]. It was pointed out that Amanda couldn't have carried Spock because of the differing blood -- Humans, iron based, Vulcans, copper. Not to mention all the other differences. So they would have either had to use a surrogate, or an artificial womb. And his creation would have taken some amazing science. So that piece of information stayed tucked in my brain for years, till the idea of Lucia popped into my head. I figured by the 24th century, the most advanced lab, and relatively unlimited resources could result in a baby with an Immortal parent.

The other thing is that I was writing my 'triumvirate' way before I'd even heard of Anita Blake, let alone read the books. So no, I didn't copy the idea from the novels. It's a mere coincidence, and there's no magical powers involved in mine, or the fancy title :) Not to mention that I actually like Methos and can't stand Richard -- though I'm very fond of Jean-Claude, and Methos and LaCroix have a long history together as comrades and family. And Triona isn't an all powerful super hero -- though there are days she'd probably like to be! (I really need to pester Nin to finish her Anita Blake/Forever Knight/Highlander xover)

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